The Top 5 Questions Asked at IMTS

Nov 21

IMTS is over 2 months in our rear view mirror and it was one of the most satisfying experiences that Royal Master has ever had at that show. We experienced record attendance both at the show and a record number of qualified leads at our booth. With a spectacular amount of interest in our new TG-12×8 machine we have had two machines full time running experimental test grinds, and 4 machines sold since the show.
One of those test grinds is grinding 3” diameter steel bars, 12” long. We recently demonstrated it for the prospective client and they had very favorable things to say about then machine’s performance. Holding .0001” over the length of the bar while removing .003” the machine was not overmatched at all. Stay tuned for more on this application as time moves forward.
At the show we were grinding titanium on our Thrufeed microsize machine. When we came home, we have been inundated with applications that mirror this type of application as well as grinding Carbides, Ceramics as well as PCD inserts. The end user of the show machine has since taken delivery since and is reporting great grinding results.
Royal Master Grinders is also redefining something as simple as an instructional manual for the TG-12×8 machine. The machine is available with a “ manual on tablet “. Not a stone tablet, but a Microsoft tablet PC. Having all the machine’s solid models, electrical schematics as well as video manuals at a touch of a fingertip is valuable, and handy to have in this electronic version. We are proud to claim that we are the first machine tool company to provide such an opportunity for our customers.
At IMTS 2014 visitors to our booth asked a lot of great questions and for those whom could not visit us, please see our site for a full tour of the booth, but to summarize, here are the top 5 questions that were asked:

1. “What did Royal Master Grinders bring that’s new this year?”
2. “Can you automate this part I want to grind ?”
3. “My Cincinnati’s are old and worn out, what do you have to replace them?”
4. “Can you hold “ this tolerance”?”
5. “How small, ( and big ) can you grind on your machines?”
6. And one for the bonus, “do your feet hurt after standing this plastic floor all day?”

Answer #1:

Royal Master Grinders brought more new equipment this year, and more new products than any other IMTS in our history.
New Product: TG-12×8 Centerless Grinder Systems. This is the first completely new domestic centerless grinder design since the Cincinnati Viking redefined the grinding industry in the 1990’s . With its 12” diameter and 8” wide grinding wheel, 8” diameter and 8” wide regulating wheel it offers opportunities that other competing systems cannot. All machines come standard with a Granite machine bed. The rigidity comes from the wheel spindle designs, the 50mm diameter twin grip regulating wheel spindle, the grinding wheel system with class 7 ABEC angular contact ball bearings and an outboard bearing is a robust system design to build around. The TG-12×8 is available in standard Thrufeed, and Thrufeed Microsize configurations. For tighter tolerance applications Hi-Accuracy, with or without CNC dressing is available. With these rigid foundations, grinding 3” diameter applications is not a dream or a “stretch” for this machine. We can do it, have done it, and will continue to do it for many years to come.
We are very proud of the “clean look” of this system. Our engineers took a lot of time designing a system without any “add on’s”. Using our Mazak Nexus 6800 machining center, Mastercam, and a lot of ingenuity we were able to design and manufacture a system without hanging stuff on the machine. Look at the system and compare it to the other systems domestic or imported, and we are proud to say that our machine looks pretty darn good!

Cincinnati #2 machines made a living doing “Cam Out” applications for many years. With 8” regulating wheel, Cam –out of titanium fasteners is a reality, making fasteners every rotation of the regulating wheel makes for a rapid, simple and “frills free” system. It is also a VERY cost effective route to take. With a Basic TG-12×8 TF machine, we can couple to your existing feeding system, and save 50% of your floor space. Using Superabrasive grinding wheel technology our system is compact, rigid, efficient, and cost saving.
New Look for the BEDROCK : We introduced our new ergonomic enclosure to our Centerless grinder line. Shown on our TG-12×4 BEDROCK system this enclosure streamlines the look and provides a good tight enclosure for oils and coolants that misting tendencies. At the show we had a robot loading and unloading the system. At the unload we would clean, dry, gauge and palletize. This enclosure is a first for Royal Master as we abandoned extruded aluminum systems for more cleaner “ European Styling”

Coming in the next couple of weeks I will dig into Numbers 2-6 on the tope 5 questions that were asked at the show.

FINISHED! Ready for you on Monday!

Sep 06

For the last 9 months we have planned, manufactured, marketed, and executed the most aggressive IMTS plan in Royal Master history. Many of you have heard from us about our TG-12×8, our new virtual graphical package, New machine enclosure, plus various other items that we have been planning. Monday we finally welcome the first visitor to our booth. I have enjoyed this IMTS as Social Media, this blog and the advent of e-mail communication has allowed me to communicate with many of you. Over the last 4 years, this blog has been read over 6,800 times. you have met many of our longtime employees, my kids, experienced a slice of life at Royal Master, and shared some humorous trips around the world with me. Thank you for reading and if you do come to the booth this week, and you have read the blog, tell us about your favorite post.

From this

to this

IMTS Set-up Day to Day

Sep 01

The first week of set-up is finished and we are ready for week #2. See below for the progress we have had last week. This week Kevin and Arnold come to help get all the machines running and grinding for next week.

Our Truck is somewhere between RMG and Chicago

Aug 25

We loaded out on Saturday and everything went smoothly, no issues. We took up most of the flatbed trailer, with just a little to spare. We added Todd’s, Bob’s and Jesse’s bicycles as they like to ride up and down lakeshore drive in the morning before breakfast. They will have a blog during the show about that experience. They normally have good stories during breakfast about the morning ” sights”

Here are some photos from Saturday Morning:

So the plan for the rest of the week is the following:

Tuesday, fly to Chicago, Lay the flooring, get rough electrics pulled from the floor, chalk out the machine layout
Wednesday, take delivery of the machines, get the spotted, run electrics and air under the flooring
Thursday, Put booth up, hook machines up
Friday, Power up all machines, and put everything that was shipped away
Saturday, organize, and clean up the booth for Tuesday when Service engineers come to get all the machine running.

I’ll be posting update photos as we go along.

We ship on Saturday…

Aug 18

Even though IMTS is still technically 21 days away from the opening ceremony, we ship all of our equipment and support materials on Saturday. We have 16 different items packed on a 53′ flat bed and for full disclosure, this is the first time in 4 IMTS shows that I had to send an additional package to the advance warehouse. It has always been a source of personal pride that I fit a whole lot of stuff on the truck, and in past years, I have had no more than 6″ left at the back of the truck when we were all done packing it up. I had tried a multitude of combinations and at the end of the truck, there was still always one skid of stuff left over. Just not enough room.

This is a photo of last years truck:

This year, as usual I have it in AutoCAD to make sure that everything could fit, and well, it did not.

Something that you’ll never see on another centerless grinder…

Aug 14

Royal Master has always been on the forefront of graphical machine controls, since we introduced the Generation 4 Guide wire grinding machine back in the Early 1990’s with a windows machine control We were one of the first machine tools to offer such a package to the world. Since then we have been offering new more innovative and user friendly systems. We were the first to offer a light out system that was intelligent enough to be viewed from the couch in your living room Then we offered a machine control that e-mailed you statistics, such as up time, parts per minute, and maintenance alerts.

For IMTS 2014 we are bringing a custom designed 3D Graphical package for CNC dressing simulation. Before you ever put a diamond or diamond disk to the wheel, simulate the dress right from your Excel sheet, or watch the progress of your dress on the screen as the dressing is occurring. Rotate 360 degrees on any axis to see the shape, or watch the coupon in the lower right hand corner for a more traditional look at the dressing progress.

This graphical package is standard equipment on all machines with CNC dressing programs.

What happened last night at Royal Master Grinders..

Aug 14

To be fair to Ryan, we knew that he is a good sport, so when we needed someone to jump into the TG-12×4 bedrock enclosure to wire up the limit switches, we nominated him. Being a good sport, and the fact he wasn’t looking, this is what happened. We let him out after we all ordered outback, but before we ate. Just for the record, He had a Ribeye for dinner last night.

TG-12×8 #1 Sold!

Aug 07

Royal Master Grinders would like to thank our launch customer for placing the first order for a TG-12×8 TF machine. They will be Thrufeed grinding ceramic with a metal bond diamond wheel. The wide wheel, 12″ in diameter with the outboard bearing was an attractive element of this system, as well as the 8″ diameter regulating wheel.

The entire Royal Master family wants to thank them for this order!

Introducing the TG-12×8 Centerless Grinder, and BTW, IMTS Ships in a little more than 3 weeks

Jul 31

August 1, 2014 has arrived and Royal Master has been awaiting this day for a while now. All 50 employees of Royal Master Grinders are proud to introduce the Model TG-12×8 Centerless Grinder. This machine has all of the accuracy as our TG-12×4 series, but with twice the wheel width.

When Royal Master Grinders set-out on this project, we were adamant that we would not be re-branding the current models with Fancy names or stretching existing designs. We wanted to manufacture the most robust system possible, conceived from the spindles outward. If your looking for a summary at a quick glance, this pretty much sums up this system:

• 12” diameter Grinding Wheel 8” wide, 8” Diameter Regulating Wheel, 8” wide
• Applications up to 3” Diameter
• Micron Tolerances
• Conventional Sizing system, Thrufeed Microsize Adjustment, Air Over Hydraulic Plunge system, Servo Operated infeed, Hi-Accuracy CNC
• Machine weight 4000 lbs
• Twin Grip Ridged Spindle Designs
• Bedrock Platform of 8” thick granite as standard equipment
• Servo Driven Regulating Wheel drive as standard equipment,
• Easy to use Ram bed swivel design and work rest holder advancement system.
• Permentely mounted dressers, stepper motor and ball screw cross drives
• Dressing systems available:
o Air Sensing Dressers ( Standard Equipment )
o Automatic Dressers for both Grinding and Regulating wheel
o Over the wheel CNC Dressing for both Grinding and Regulating wheel
o Rotary Diamond disk CNC grinding wheel Dressing
• Ram Bed Swivel design that incorporates Turcite antifriction material for smooth friction free diameter adjustments
• Cam Out capability at an affordable cost.
• Automation from operator assist devices to fully robotic systems

At IMTS we will be grinding on two separate systems, a Thrufeed microsize system, and a Hi-Accuracy system. Both will be displaying demanding applications, thrufeed grinding titanium bars, and infeed grinding an industrial gearbox part. Both system will have loading options on them. The Thrufeed machine will have a outboard bar stock support. The Hi-Accuracy machine will have a pick and place loading system with outboard conveyors.

We have more in our 40’ x 40’ booth at IMTS, we have four other machines. We will also have our TG-12×4 BEDROCK centerless grinding system with a new enclosure system. this new enclosure is very streamlined and will meet many of the stringent health and safety standards that companies have in place. This machine will be grinding a fluid dispensing valve, robotically loading and unloading. After unloading from the grinder, we will be gauging, and re-palletizing the parts. We are very excited about showing this machine off, especially the new enclosure.

I have below some photos of us preparing for the show so far!

The first part that was made for the TG-12×8 Machine! The main spindle….

The day the Base Arrived at Royal Master for the TG-12×8

A quick assembly when the Ram Bed was finished ground

Regulating wheel spindles ready to go out and get wheels molded to them

Regulating wheel mounted in the housing with Servo Drive and gearbox

John Memmelaar Sr reviewing the Hi-Accuracy Machine’s Ram bed with one of our Engineers

Thrufeed Machine Getting ready for photos

Our TG-12×4 Bedrock Enclosure Arrives!

Teamwork Bringing it in!

Stop Back to see More updates for the Show and more about the TG-12×8 machine

What’s under the box?

Jul 15

What’s under the box? August 1, 2014 we will lift the box off on one of the coolest projects that Royal Master has undertaken. Its started about a year ago and from there we have had a great time developing this project, it was not work, it was fun. Simply put, we are taking our core ideals of machines and redefining them to put the centerless grinders market on notice. On August 1, 2014 we will introduce to the world a New Royal Master Grinders. In the meantime if you can guess whats under the box before August 1, 2014, e-mail me and if you get it right I’ll send you an Royal Master Stain Steel coffee tumbler!

IMTS is quickly approaching and we are assembling our machines, our booth and also putting some finishing touches on projects that we have on our floor. As August 1 approaches we will have a lot of great projects to begin to reveal to people that follow our blog, and our website.

For those whom know about this website it is a virtual tradeshow booth. You can see whats happening in our booth before the show opens to better plan your visit, and also communicate with your colleagues during and after the show about what you have seen. We have found it is a great tool for you to use in discussing Royal Master Centerless Grinders.

The other day I stopped by our paint shop to see if a part was complete for the show. This is a common occurrence, and as I got a buzz on my phone from my daughter telling me she was home from Camp, Manual posed for this photo. It made me think that our machines ship to customers all over the world, but this is such a neat back-story of who Royal Master is, it deserves to be told.

The Santana family has been a part of Royal Master Grinders for over 30 years, with the family patriarch Fernando being the face of the family. His brothers and cousins work or have worked here in various capacities over the years. His older brother Manual whom the photo is of, began working here almost 20 years ago, and in that time has become a US citizen. Fernando also works with his family to make sure they learn English as well as get an education whether it is finishing high school or completing college coursework. Last week Rubin a younger brother gained his US citizenship, and the smile on his face spoke volumes of how proud of a moment this was for him. He asked for today off, so he could go get his passport. I was quick to say absolutely.

Stop back on August 1 for more details on our new project!