IMTS 2018 and the Smartforce Student Summit

May 15

Watching your kids grow up is really an amazing thing. Many of you have seen my daughters grow up through blog postings and other conversations that I have had personally with many of you during shows as well as sales calls and other meetings. I am proud of both of them as they are both making their way in life. My oldest is a Sophomore in Highschool at Bergen Country Technical High School in Teterboro NJ. Ranked the #3 school in the state and #28 in the nation, she is taking full advantage of her opportunity. Her High school major is automotive engineering which mixes lab work ( good old fashioned shop class ) and classroom where she is learning CAD and CAM, making projects and implementing them into reality. Also look her and I in an Episode of Sticker Shock on Discover channel in early July. She will have her 1915 Model T on the show.

My youngest changes her mind daily in what she wants to be, and at 12 years old, good for her. She recently started discussing pharmacy or being a Dr. She is one to love school and is undeterred by volumes of work thrown at her. My wife and I feel a sense of pride everyday with these two.

Where this conversation is going is STEM and the IMTS student summit. At IMTS in September there is a student summit where school aged children are brought to McCormick place and are given an opportunity to see what opportunities are available in the world of manufacturing. Taken from the IMTS website:

Inspire Students to Pursue a Career in Advanced Technology
We hope you’ll consider bringing your students, their parents, and school administrators to the Smartforce Student Summit at IMTS 2018. Their experience will certainly help them connect school with real-world challenges and may inspire them to pursue a career in advanced technology. #LetsDoThis

In this industry we all realize that our future of manufacturing lies with this generation and their participation in the technology. The student summit should be more then a day out of school for these kids, its an opportunity to look into their future and hopefully later in life they see an opportunity to participate in the world of manufacturing. After all, that smartphone they use everyday would be here without people like us.
With IMTS coming up, we are bringing 8 machines including a new product to add to our centerless grinding systems. We will be extremely proud to show off this new innovation at the show and the game changing nature of it is not to be understated. It is cutting cycle times to a third of what they used to be. In addition to this we will have a number of new innovations to our current product line. Some of them small, others larger and more impactful, but all will be aimed at streamlining the manufacturing of your applications.

In late July and early August we will launching version 4 of website. The strange thing though is they changed our booth# to 6626. Same location and place, just a different number. This site is a good place to plan your visit to our booth or if you are unable to visit our booth you can still experience everything that is going on and have conversations pre or post show with our engineers.

Royal Master is continually growing, having seen a increase in business in the last 9 months we have been strategically hiring people to streamline the process that we have in place and bring new ideas to our mix. This has been satisfying seeing our growth and everything that goes along with it. Our additions are across the board. Manufacturing as well as engineering and office support staff have been bolstered to a total of 6 new hires over the last 9 months.

As IMTS approaches I will be keeping updated coming but keep an eye out for the launch of as well as other updates.

Just some thoughts…….

Dec 06

Time has certainly flew by as 2017 is coming to a close. I have been lax in posting blogs about our happenings here at Royal Master, but it is a positive that we have been extremely busy. We are closing out 2017 with an enormous amount of business. Both medical and non-medical parts of our business have been expanding rapidly. Our GX machine in its third generation has cemented itself as a highly productive production machine in many companies guidewire manufacturing facilities. With orders stretching out to June of next year for the GX machines, we have been pleased with the program.

Even years bring IMTS and an opportunity for us to showcase technology to existing and future customers. We enjoy this opportunity and even though it is hectic, our engineers look at it as a fun part of their job. We work really hard to bring you the best in automation as well as centerless grinding technology. Of the 8-10 machines that we have tentatively sketched out for the show, there will be a nice cross section of our product line for discussion.

We will also bringing out AMO 2.0. This have been a fun and successful project as customers worldwide. Customers enjoy keeping tabs on their production on their smart devices. On a recent plant tour one customer brought up his history laughing saying that the operator drinks his coffee like clockwork. It was a humorous moment for everyone in the room to say the least.

This year Royal Master added another Mazak machine a Smooth 250 Lathe, this is an awesome machine that has eliminated a bottleneck in our CNC turning area. In addition to this machine we have added 5 employees in key areas and also added a permanent Co-Op intern program.

Hiring Corporative Education Students from colleges that offer the program has brought us a great deal of satisfaction in paying our knowledge about the industry and life forward. The employees here all take a great deal of pride in their jobs and this company and enjoy teaching their respective jobs to someone willing to learn. Using the Rochester Institute of Technology COOP Program, we have had a number of men and women come through for 3-6 month stints over the last couple of years. All have kept in contact with us giving us updates to their personal and professional accomplishments.

For those who have followed this blog for many years have followed my kids growing up also. My oldest Olivia and I made our first college stop at my alma mater RIT in Rochester NY this summer. In speaking with our COOP placement liaison we got talking about Olivia and her future and she invited us up to visit in May to their technology fair, IMAGINE RIT. This fair showcases senior design projects in their college of engineering. We were overwhelmed by the projects that were on display Projects like ranged from automotive related to next generation prosthetics. A full day just about covers everything but you will wish you had more time.

This is their description of the Event. It is a not to miss affair:

“Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival is a campus-wide event that showcases the innovative and creative spirit of RIT students, faculty and staff. Visitors experience the breadth and depth of RIT through interactive presentations, hands-on demonstrations, exhibitions, and research projects set up throughout campus. Multiple performance stages with live music and entertainment are also a hit with visitors of all ages. Held annually each spring, Imagine RIT is the kickoff to Rochester’s rich festival season”

That’s it for now as I am off to work on a 1906 Cadillac project that I am restoring. Feel free to reach out to me anytime.

The end of another year is here

Dec 31

It has been an amazing year and 2016 is coming to a close. All of us at Royal Master Grinders want to thank you for your business and the opportunity to work with your companies each and every day. We understand and don’t take lightly the trust you put in our company, to grow yours.
We have had some great things happen this year. We have had continued success with our TG-12×8 machine, and IMTS reaffirmed that it is a proven winner two years since its debut. With a number of orders for machines at IMTS, we were proud to also sell a few of these machines at the show for deliveries in the coming year.

MDM in California and IMTS and were awesome shows with a large number of qualified attendees coming to our booth and working with our engineers on existing and new projects. For Rich, Bob and myself all the hard work we put into these shows, it is very gratifying to see the results of that work turn into viable projects for the coming years.

One package includes full CNC dressing and enclosure for shipment abroad. This will be an amazing machine that we will bring you along for the ride with as it is being built. The granite has arrived and soon will be married to the base.

This year as we do every year we introduced a new product. It was not a centerless grinder, but it was an App for your mobile device. AMO, or Advanced Machine Optimization in its very basic form is the production whiteboard at your fingertips. For use on IOS, Android, or Windows devices, you can log into your machine’s production data in the cloud and view its performance at any time. Different from MTconnect in many ways, this is a method of determining how to optimize your machine’s performance levels on your given application. For example, if your running three shifts and you are getting 30% less output overnight, Bu analyzing the app’s historical data in excel, it is quickly evident that the guy is taking long dinner breaks, or letting the machine sit idle for various reasons. Call us and ask for a test drive of this powerful tool.

From all the employees at Royal Master, we want to wish everyone a healthy and happy new year.

IMTS 2016 is in the books, and Restaurant Reviews

Sep 27

It was a fast month to say the least. Rich and I spent the better part of three weeks setting up the show, working the booth and taking it down, and shipping it home. Everything arrived on Monday safe and sound, Alex did an unbelievable job getting everything on the truck safe and secure. For his first full teardown and ship home of IMTS he did a great job and has earned a return ticket two years from now again.

We brought seven machines to the show, four from out Research and development lab and three we built specifically for the show. We were excited to have sold two on the floor, and the third was sold even before the truck got home. For all our employees here that worked hard on this project, it was more than gratifying to not only have sold the machines on the floor but to have some many people inquire about our machines. There was a lot of pride in the shop when we revealed how many leads we received and when customers started calling us after the show asking for quotes. Our employees did a great job and need to be recognized for the pride that they put into their jobs and the machines that we manufacture.

For those who remember two years ago we had two new comers to the show, they had to wear the pink bicycle helmet from the parking garage to the booth. Alex and Alan wore it proudly last time and Brandon wore it well and didn’t even flinch when it was his turn. Dan our other new addition chose the alternative, for one evening at dinner he could order nothing but Shirley Temple cocktails. He also was a great sport and happily drank his pink, flavored cocktails.

Bob Hoffman is our resident expert when it comes to all things food related, this year he outdid himself by getting Cold Stone Creamery to move below the Embassy suites on North State Street where we stay. We “ had to have it” many nights after dinner. A few other mentions go out to the following Restaurants:

• Chicago Q A great place for upscale Barbeque

• Maestros this was a dessert recommendation that I had during set-up. Go for the buttercake and live jazz music. The bar staff is the best around and more attentive then I have ever seen. It even has it own facebook Page

• For a great Glass on wine after dinner go to POPS on North State. Upscale atmosphere, great staff, and always someone to talk to . just a nice place to hang out for a drink.

• For Later Selections past normal “ business hours” go to O’ Callahans on Hubbard. I have been going there for over 20 years and it is just a good place to go. Comfortable and fun. The later it gets the crazier it gets. Just sayin’.

For a little bit of humor in your day, Steve Miller of “ the Adventure and I have know each other for years. The Marketing Gunslinger Works with the parent company of IMTS, The Association of Manufacturing Technology. He stopped by Royal Master’s booth and did a “selfie” interview. I have to say it was fun and he and I always find a common ground when we do things like this. To see it in its entirety see the following link

Ignore the horrible photo of me in the beginning, THANKS FOR THAT Steve!
Again I want to thank All of our employees that did more than their fair share of work to make the show as successful as it was.


Day two in the books at IMTS set-up

Sep 01

Rich and I are sitting here eating a pizza tonight checking e-mails and I figured I would catch you to speed on what we did at work today…. See the attached you tube video!

Day three is all about powering up the machines and making spindles turn!

Thanks for reading


Olivia the intern’s Blog Post

Aug 25

For those whom have been reading this blog for a few show cycles, I have had interns the summer of IMTS, Olivia our third in 8 show cycles. She is a Senior at TCNJ, here in NJ. She has taken my instructions at the beginning of the summer and executed them flawlessly. Here is her blog post that I asked her to write at the end of the summer:

When I started my first day at Royal Master Grinders, I was as nervous as anyone else starting a new job. I remember being very timid in this new place surrounded by new people that had already been here for years and here I was, the college intern who didn’t know anyone’s names or what to do. Looking back, boy do I feel silly that I was ever scared. Within a few short days, I could already feel this work family accepting me as their own. John Jr. threw me right into the work atmosphere and there was never a dull moment. Working mainly with the upcoming IMTS details, I quickly learned more than I ever thought possible. Not only did I learn about the makings of a great trade show exhibit, but also the extreme precision and hard work that everyone in this office exhibits to keep things running smoothly. I think one of my greatest lessons was learning the true qualities it takes to be a leader. This does not mean someone who barks orders and hangs back from the real work. A leader is someone who is involved in every aspect of their projects. A leader is someone who knows how to take command and gain the respect of all of their employees. A leader is, most importantly, someone who genuinely and whole-heartedly cares about their work and all of those who are involved in it. These were the qualities I saw every day at Royal Master Grinders.

Unfortunately, I have to return back to school before I can truly see the outcome of the intense work that has been put into IMTS. I was most looking forward to seeing the loading of the huge truck to be shipped to the show! For anyone that is even remotely familiar with the Royal Master Grinders work family knows how hard of a goodbye this will be for me. From Stacy singing everything she does, to Bob’s never-ending witty comments, to John Jr. drinking countless Mountain Dew’s a day and making every day enjoyable, there is never a dull moment here at Royal Master Grinders. I look forward to visiting them in the future and wish everyone nothing but luck at IMTS!

IMTS Is Quickly Coming

Aug 13

For those who have been following the Memmelaar’s over the last 65 years of Royal Master Grinders my father and I are both into cars. We both work on and Drive Pre 1915 cars, sometimes more work on more than drive. My daughter Ava was hanging out with me in the garage and we were talking the other night and she asked why I didn’t have a home office in the house like her friends dad. She also asked why that when I do work at home at night I set my laptop up on my workbench in the garage. I have to say I was stumped. I took a photo and sent it to a friend of mine, he saw nothing odd that I would do something like this. The more I thought about it the more I realized that my dad and I still love to get our hands into projects, we both call it simply “digging in”. John Sr will still be in Royal Master’s shop working on a machine, adding his expertise to a project because there is not much he has not seen in his many years at Royal.

The parking lot was quite a scene today at Royal Master as Alex, Ryan and myself had two machines plus our booth and our skid of support materials out in the parking lot. At one point the FEDEX guy had trouble reaching our loading dock. We are to that point in the show cycle that we are seeing the finish line with a number of projects and just seeing the midpoints of others. Its crunch time. I break the show cycle into thirds. The first third is the hardest, the show prep. This starts in January, and ends in our case August 27th when the shipment is picked up.

The next third is the set-up at McCormick place and the actual show. This part of the process is the most fun for me as I get to look at everything that our team accomplished, the customers reactions and the sales generated. I enjoy watching the customers look at our product offerings, and during the times that we engage with them, we often talk at dinner about the feedback on a certain product we brought or feeder design we engineered.

The last third is the minute the show closes. For anyone that has never been at McCormick place at the close of IMTS there is no better feedback on the success of the show as the loud or muted cheers. The louder they are, the happier everyone was. The opposite, well…..

Two years ago we left IMTS with a enormous amount of enthusiasm, Our engineering staff developed the TG-12×8, delivered it to the show and since then have sold and delivered a good amount of TG-12×8 machines. The projects for Golf Ball Cores, titanium fasteners, automotive transmission valves, and many others validated the design of the TG-12×8’s design and acceptance by the world of centerless grinding.

This year we are introducing Advanced Machine Optimization, AMO for short. Not limited to the Royal Master Centerless Grinder platform, this cloud based app can give you all the up to the second information that you need about your centerless grinding or other process on any mobile device or web browser. What makes this different? Well there is nothing really quite like it. The App for IOS or Android can be looked at anywhere, anytime. In the next few weeks we will be posting the details on as well as It’s a game changer.

Keep Checking back weekly now until the show for blog updates as well as other details about our participation in the show.


After 65 Years, our Core Values Stay the same

Dec 14

It has been a while since our last blog entry. In 2015 we have seen our TG-12×8 take a huge step forward as we have been shipping these machines regularly and we have supplied these machines to the medical, ceramic, carbide, automotive, aerospace, as well to two gauge pin companies. The gauge pin companies are finding this machine to be extremely accurate with its twin grip spindles We achieved under .000010” in roundness and are regularly holding .000015” roundness.

We are looking forward to MDM West in Anaheim California this year as we always look forward to introducing newer technology at this event. This year we are extremely excited as we have two unique projects that we are bringing to the show. If your coming, please stop by and visit. If you are not able to visit in January we will discuss on what we have and what makes it so special.
We have made some additions to the Royal Master family as we have added Kristin who is the ultimate in administrative assistants. You will be meeting her when you call or visit. I guarantee she is as friendly as Lori was all of these years! After all after 65 years in business we still and always have a friendly voice answering the phones. For those who are counting, Lori is on year 30 with us and still counting, she is now in purchasing helping out there now.

We have also added Stacy who is in customer service with Alan. Alan is happy to have the help and Stacy is doing a great job as she was familiar to Royal Master before she came on board full time. Stacy has hit the ground running and Alan and Stacy have made a seamless pair when helping out our customers.
Also another Generation of Allen’s has moved into the lab as Rodney’s son is now a service man. He is enjoying the travel as Rodney and the family travelled extensively as he and his siblings were growing up.

As Sr and I think about the direction of 2016 and beyond at Royal Master we are extremely satisfied with company we have built, and enthused for what we have around the corner. However there are certain core principles that we will not alter,

• a friendly voice on the other side of the phone in all aspects of our business.
• customer service as you would want to be treated in any form of your life. Feel free to call with a question anytime. We are happy to talk to you. No question is too small
• Our employees look at Royal Master as something besides a “ just a job.” We have built a group of employees whom are dedicated to what they do here and strive to do the best job to maintain the Royal Master name.
• We will offer centerless grinding systems that have advanced technology not only between the wheels, and automation but in the control platforms.
With IMTS approaching we have no settled on 7 machines going to the show in September. Last year we introduced the TG-12×8 machine and this year we have another introduction in store. As the time gets closer we will be letting more out on what this is! We are enthused about it and our customers will be also!

We hope everyone has a great holiday season and we wish everyone the best in 2016

Happy Milestone Birthday to John Memmelaar Sr!

Feb 26

February 24th was John Sr’s birthday, a milestone birthday at that. All the employees at Royal Master celebrated with cake and a VERY loud chorus of Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday Dad

The Top 5 Questions Asked at IMTS

Nov 21

IMTS is over 2 months in our rear view mirror and it was one of the most satisfying experiences that Royal Master has ever had at that show. We experienced record attendance both at the show and a record number of qualified leads at our booth. With a spectacular amount of interest in our new TG-12×8 machine we have had two machines full time running experimental test grinds, and 4 machines sold since the show.
One of those test grinds is grinding 3” diameter steel bars, 12” long. We recently demonstrated it for the prospective client and they had very favorable things to say about then machine’s performance. Holding .0001” over the length of the bar while removing .003” the machine was not overmatched at all. Stay tuned for more on this application as time moves forward.
At the show we were grinding titanium on our Thrufeed microsize machine. When we came home, we have been inundated with applications that mirror this type of application as well as grinding Carbides, Ceramics as well as PCD inserts. The end user of the show machine has since taken delivery since and is reporting great grinding results.
Royal Master Grinders is also redefining something as simple as an instructional manual for the TG-12×8 machine. The machine is available with a “ manual on tablet “. Not a stone tablet, but a Microsoft tablet PC. Having all the machine’s solid models, electrical schematics as well as video manuals at a touch of a fingertip is valuable, and handy to have in this electronic version. We are proud to claim that we are the first machine tool company to provide such an opportunity for our customers.
At IMTS 2014 visitors to our booth asked a lot of great questions and for those whom could not visit us, please see our site for a full tour of the booth, but to summarize, here are the top 5 questions that were asked:

1. “What did Royal Master Grinders bring that’s new this year?”
2. “Can you automate this part I want to grind ?”
3. “My Cincinnati’s are old and worn out, what do you have to replace them?”
4. “Can you hold “ this tolerance”?”
5. “How small, ( and big ) can you grind on your machines?”
6. And one for the bonus, “do your feet hurt after standing this plastic floor all day?”

Answer #1:

Royal Master Grinders brought more new equipment this year, and more new products than any other IMTS in our history.
New Product: TG-12×8 Centerless Grinder Systems. This is the first completely new domestic centerless grinder design since the Cincinnati Viking redefined the grinding industry in the 1990’s . With its 12” diameter and 8” wide grinding wheel, 8” diameter and 8” wide regulating wheel it offers opportunities that other competing systems cannot. All machines come standard with a Granite machine bed. The rigidity comes from the wheel spindle designs, the 50mm diameter twin grip regulating wheel spindle, the grinding wheel system with class 7 ABEC angular contact ball bearings and an outboard bearing is a robust system design to build around. The TG-12×8 is available in standard Thrufeed, and Thrufeed Microsize configurations. For tighter tolerance applications Hi-Accuracy, with or without CNC dressing is available. With these rigid foundations, grinding 3” diameter applications is not a dream or a “stretch” for this machine. We can do it, have done it, and will continue to do it for many years to come.
We are very proud of the “clean look” of this system. Our engineers took a lot of time designing a system without any “add on’s”. Using our Mazak Nexus 6800 machining center, Mastercam, and a lot of ingenuity we were able to design and manufacture a system without hanging stuff on the machine. Look at the system and compare it to the other systems domestic or imported, and we are proud to say that our machine looks pretty darn good!

Cincinnati #2 machines made a living doing “Cam Out” applications for many years. With 8” regulating wheel, Cam –out of titanium fasteners is a reality, making fasteners every rotation of the regulating wheel makes for a rapid, simple and “frills free” system. It is also a VERY cost effective route to take. With a Basic TG-12×8 TF machine, we can couple to your existing feeding system, and save 50% of your floor space. Using Superabrasive grinding wheel technology our system is compact, rigid, efficient, and cost saving.
New Look for the BEDROCK : We introduced our new ergonomic enclosure to our Centerless grinder line. Shown on our TG-12×4 BEDROCK system this enclosure streamlines the look and provides a good tight enclosure for oils and coolants that misting tendencies. At the show we had a robot loading and unloading the system. At the unload we would clean, dry, gauge and palletize. This enclosure is a first for Royal Master as we abandoned extruded aluminum systems for more cleaner “ European Styling”

Coming in the next couple of weeks I will dig into Numbers 2-6 on the tope 5 questions that were asked at the show.